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Totalsports Women’s Race expands into a month-long celebration in August 2024

South Africa’s largest Women’s Day celebration, the Totalsports Women’s Race, will triple the excitement in 2024 with the iconic event being celebrated in three major cities on three separate dates in the month of August. The festivities will begin in Durban on Sunday, August 4th, followed by Cape Town on Friday, August 9th, before culminating in Joburg on Saturday, August 17th.

“We’re thrilled to triple the excitement of the Totalsports Women’s Race in 2024 by hosting these three iconic events across three cities on three separate days,” says Michael Meyer, Managing Director of Stillwater Sports. “Each city will have its day to shine as we deliver an exceptional road running experience. We’re excited to share the race’s spirit with diverse communities and empower women from all walks of life.”

“We are committed to elevating the standard of racing at the Totalsports Women’s Race,” continues Meyer. “By hosting the event on three separate dates we are able to enhance the quality of racing in each city. SA’s elite female athletes will not only have three opportunities to compete in a world-class women’s-only race on home soil but also to race against an exceptionally strong elite women’s field at each event.”

In conclusion, Meyer emphasizes, “We are proud to enhance the level of competition at the Totalsports Women’s Race. Runners, elite and recreational, as well as spectators, can expect an exhilarating and top-quality race day experience in each city. Join us as we actively celebrate Women’s Day throughout the month of August.”

“We look forward to commemorating Women’s Month by hosting three standalone Totalsports Women’s Race’s in 2024,” says Nikki Crous, Head of Marketing Totalsports. “The Totalsports Women’s Race is not just a race; it’s a celebration of strength, determination, and the power of women coming together to achieve incredible feats. We can’t wait to enhance the overall experience in all three cities. By spreading the event across multiple dates, we aim to enhance the celebration, provide more opportunities for women to participate, while creating a more inclusive and empowering environment for all. We invite women across all three cities to #LoveTheRun with us at the Totalsports Women’s Race in 2024.”


EVENT INFORMATION: 2024 Totalsports Women’s Race

The Totalsports Women’s Race is a mass participation, women’s only road race that take place across three major cities (Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg) and caters to both social runners and elite athletes. It is a celebration of women’s strength and empowerment, providing a platform for women from all backgrounds to come together and participate in a high-energy, caring environment in support of PinkDrive. 

1.       Sunday 04 August 2024 Totalsports Women’s Race Durban
  Start Venue: Suncoast Casino, Snell Parade
  Finish Venue: Suncoasts Casino, Snell Parade
2.       Friday 09 August 2024 Totalsports Women’s Race Cape Town
  Start Venue: Darling Street, Cape Town
  Finish Venue: Grand Parade, Cape Town
3.       Saturday 17 August 2024 Totalsports Women’s Race Joburg
  Start Venue: Orange Road and Buffalo Road Junction, Marks Park
  Finish Venue: Marks Park, Emmerentia


ENTRIES OPEN: Entries for the 2024 Totalsports Women’s Race will open on Wednesday 10 April 2024.


To VIEW the 2024 Launch Video CLICK HERE


CHARITY SUPPORT: The Totalsports Women’s Race proudly supports PinkDrive. A Non-Profit Company (NPC),

PinkDrive is committed to improving breast cancer awareness, education, providing and offering free services to

the medically uninsured across South Africa.


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